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Gopher Trapping Control in San Mateo

Why Gopher Traps are Effective?

When we do the initial service we aim to remove the
whole gopher population on the site at once. Please
contact us and we will provide a free inspection.

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Gopher & Mole Exterminator

How does trapping/removing Gophers work?

You would simple give us a call or an email and one of our technicians will come out to the site and give you a free quote for the service.

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Gopher Traps in Bay area

Most Efficent Method

Experience in gopher control is critical when the trapping method is used. It also offers a Eco-Friendly option just like our Eco-Friendly Pest Control

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Don't Call another pest control company

Call the Expert

Bay area gopher & mole control

Tired of gophers ruining your lawn? Call Bay area gopher control company, Avalos Gopher Trapping.

Effective gopher control is best left to the experts. Don't call your bug guys or another pest control company looking to cash in on the gopher outbreak. Call the experts who have been providing Bay area gopher control for over 14 years.

Avalos Gopher Trapping can help Bay area residents keep gophers at bay.

Call today to schedule your free inspection and put an end to unwanted gophers. Avalos Gopher Trapping also offers a comprehensive year round pest control plan that is designed to help fight bugs throughout the year. Combine you gopher control and pest control to save even more money. Paying a nation wide chain to help fight your bugs and tired of feeling like just another number? Avalos Gopher Trapping is family owned and operated. We are fully licensed and bonded. Customers in Bay area can rest assured that we are truly the experts.

Avalos Gopher Trapping experts are available to speak with you today! Call us at (650) 248-0066 to speak with a gopher expert.


Gopher removal works in a variety of ways. The first method is using a trapping mechanism to actively trap and remove the dead gophers. The other methods involve the elimination of the gopher on site inside its tunnel system

san mateo mole trapping
NO poison - ONLY Traps

Most pest control companies don't offer mole and gopher services. We are the "Mole and Gopher Specialists."

We provide routine service and maintenance to ensure your problem is controlled. We aren't city slickers. We show up in a professional manner and handle each problem as if it were our own.

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